Apparel With Purpose

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Our Mission

We're more than just a clothing brand...

We make Apparel with Purpose. 

It is our aim to use funds raised from sales to help positive initiatives not just for our Industry but also for much wider reaching community programs.

It’s our time to come together, to become community, to love and support one another and get back to a life where we can be together looking out for each other.

The current situation has helped us realise that if we don’t care for others who will? 

We launch our range with the #LETUSDANCE campaign.

With this T Shirt we aim to increase the support and awareness for the campaign and capture a moment in time stylising the message on quality designed and printed garments establishing the message through its branding that will help it live on well into the good times we know are yet to come connecting us to the times we have been through.

A message from our Founder

I feel pride now that looking back at all of my achievements, I have always created environments that have allowed not just myself to thrive but have driven towards raising opportunity for others to thrive too.

My goals now are to measure my successes against how much I can give and as such all of my motivation is to be involved with companies that have this mantra written into their DNA.

I am happy to present CUCU

Apparel with Purpose.

Norris "Da Boss" Windross

Founder UKG | Co Founder NTIA | Founder Community Come Unify | DJ/Artiste/Producer/Actor | 1 half of N n G Norris Windross & Grant Nelson | 1 Half of The Godfathers of Garage Norris da boss Windross & MC Creed.


The #LETUSDANCE campaign was created by the NTIA.

This helped in gaining 140,000 signatures for the petition forcing a hearing in the house of commons.