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Apparel with Purpose


The #LETUSDANCE campaign was created by the NTIA.

This helped in gaining 140,000 signatures for the petition forcing a hearing in the house of commons.

Lights on...not out

Our Mission

We make Apparel with Purpose. This crazy current situation has helped us realise that if we don’t care for others who will? 

It is our aim to use funds raised from sales to help positive initiatives for our scene and for wider reaching community programs. Our first is with the #LETUSDANCE campaign.

With this T Shirt we aim to increase the support and awareness for the campaign and capture a moment in time stylizing the message on quality designed and printed garments establishing the message through its branding that will live on well into the good times we know are yet to come.


Give a little more…for all donations made to the NTIA of £25 or more you will receive a FREE #LetUsDance t-shirt.

Click on the DONATE button to donate directly to the NTIA. You will then receive a unique to claim your FREE t-shirt.

Night Time Industries Association

British nightlife is under threat. Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing too close to existing venues, and a lack of understanding about the benefits of night culture have all played their part in eroding our nightlife. The statistics tell the same story: in the last decade, the number of UK clubs and live music venues has almost halved and now during these times of corvid lockdowns our industry are last on the list for help or aid from the Government.

We at the NTIA Are battling for our Industry to be supported and by buying this T Shirt you help towards funding that fight for our Culture.